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Tetris is a game created in Japan, the game has 10 well-known versions (and a few versions not everybody knows about), many people liked Tetris 99 more than any other version

*Tetris (Classic)

The classic version of Tetris by the Tetris Company

*Tetris (Electronic Arts)

A Electronic Arts Version of Tetris

*Tetris Effect

A VR Version of Tetris

*Puyo Puyo Tetris

A Sega Version of Tetris

*Tetris 99

A Battle Royale Made by the Tetris Company

*Tetris Blitz

Another EA Version of Tetris, however it has a timer which is why it called "Tetris Blitz"


*The game has a wiki of its own tetris.fandom.com (needs Wiki Footer, etc.)

*The game was made in Japan

*The Electronic Arts version of Tetris will retire in a few months.

*Tetris 99 was the First Battle Royale Version of Tetris.