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ROBLOX is a Online-Game by ROBLOX Corporation, The game has its own wiki here: roblox.wikia.com/wiki/


*Roblox reached 1 Billion Users (not players, but accounts) a few months ago.

*Many people think ROBLOX copied minecraft, however ROBLOX was made in 2004, and minecraft was made in 2009.

*A Myth said that 1x1x1x1 will hack ROBLOX, which was one of ROBLOX Backstories by Shedletsky, however John Shedletsky, and MrDoombringer (aka. Mr Doombringer, Doombringer, and etc.) made it clear that 1x1x1x1 is not a hacker, nor exploiter, that had caused the Jane Doe, and John Doe Myth.

*Many People thought John Doe and Jane Doe was going to hack ROBLOX, A Few people thought Jane Doe was friendly, and she was trying to stop John Doe from trying to hack ROBLOX, but on March 18th, nothing happened.