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Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom[1] is a YouTube channel conceived and created by Federico Carro[2]. The channel focuses on all themes of pure conception and fantasy, dealing with comparisons, origins, curiosities, or contrasts of cinematographic works, cartoons, Manga, Anime and literary works. The channel deals with all the themes of pure imagination, any work that has a background of fantasy but also real and historical themes, always in comparison with the world of fantasy.


A picture of Federico Carro

Federico Carro[3] was born on June 15, 1991 in La Spezia and grew up in Vernazza. He spent his days surrounded by the natural landscape between the green hills and the sea, where he spent his childhood painting and drawing. He later enrolled in art high school where he developed a deeper connection with art, also discovering his talent for writing. In the last year of high school, one of his childhood friends suffers an accident, the artist from that tragic event headed mainly towards music. Later Federico began taking singing, arranging, piano and composition lessons, starting his first musical album.

Her first song that creates “Come un Lampo[4]” was thus dedicated to her missing friend. After his musical group has decided to separate, Federico decides to continue the musical album in an independent studio in Carrara, named Nautilus Rec Studio[5]. Shortly after, he publishes the full album "Come un Lampo" and completes his book "Il segreto del Verziere[6]". Later he met Marco Stanzani who launched him in the Italian charts with his debut single “Brucerei il fuoco per te[7]”. The song became widely famous among Italian radios. During this time, he was contacted by Bentley Records which led to the collaborative release of his second album.

Federico works at the same time on his writing and his musical endeavors, collaborating with famous people including Renato Minore, Rai journalist and university professor, with whom he worked on the preface of one of his novels. He launched his third novel in collaboration with James Essinger, who translated his novel into English. He also worked with Jack Binder, a Hollywood producer who has collaborated on several films with various artists including Martin Scorsese.


An image of the banner from the Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom Youtube channel

Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom[8] was born from the need to create a single fantasy kingdom that can contain all its worlds within it. Federico Carro's greatest project is called: "The king of light[9]", a Fantasy saga that tells the stories of Fedrick, a crusader sent to another parallel world by a powerful force of evil, to whom he tries to find his love lost, he embarks on a long journey that will take him out of the planet, the galaxies and the universe itself. A very particular and extraordinary adventure at the same time, between ever new and never monotonous worlds, movement and dynamics are the basis of the project, since Fedrick himself never stops, like his friends who support him, namely: Jehrais and Radamantio.

They venture into the parallel world into which Fedrick is thrown, both headed to defeat the order of dark gods who rule the world with their evil. This dark order created an evil triangle, placing itself at the tip of the pyramid as the evil masters of the world. It will be up to Fedrick, Jehrais and Radamantio through their adventures to try to make the best of things in the world and in the universe, where within the events there will be multiple allies who will join their ideal, but like other enemies who will hinder the their way to the light.

This project takes up the YouTube channel in question, trying to talk about any fantasy theme and pure imagination, where all the imagination is placed within the author's world. Federico Carro publishes as a YouTube content creator every week, punctually on Wednesdays.

The King of Light

General Madow from The King of Light the Order of the Dark Gods

Fedrick Fantasy Kingdom[10] was born to support and then proceed in parallel subsequently to the project called: “The King of Light”. This work represents multiple fantasy books, enclosed in trilogies and other books that tell the story of Fedrick and his allies and friends. The ideology of the King of Light was born from the idea of ​​Federico Carro in 2015, when the author wanted to create fantasy stories and, instead of enclosing them in a single book as he had initially idealized, divided them into several books.

The first book composed by the author was called: "Il segreto del Verziere[11]" which tells the stories of farmers, within a country owned by a very particular entity and with a mentality that will change the destinies of all people. This book is directly inspired by the town he called: "Vernazza".

The following books are collected in a trilogy called precisely: "The King of Light[12]". Here the main character is Fedrick a crusader destined for great things, who will have to face several adventures and fierce opponents that will hinder his journey. The first Spin-off idealized by Federico Carro and taken from his fantasy trilogy: “The king of Light”, is a project called: “the Knight of Light”. This trilogy tells the stories of other allies to Fedrick, thus helping the protagonist against the terrible dark order that dominates the world and the universe. Subsequently, the author announced that there will be other trilogies and other books in programming that will tell about other important characters, to better understand the story and the intertwining created by the author.


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